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How to use SQL QUERY webservices

Here's how to use the various sql query webservices :

below the SQL select query web service :

SELECT product_id

FROM `jo_redshop_product`

WHERE manufacturer_id =2

below the SQL insert query web service :

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How to disable user authentication for web services

To disable user authentication simply go to your joomla administration, then in your redSOAP component.

Here click the Unpublish button to disable authentication webservice you want.

for example here GetProducts (Authentication) is disable

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RedSHOP DataManager (RDM) Connection



  • If your settings are correct, the data loading of your shop start

  • You can Skip the loading or run it in background

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RDM import layout

RedShop DataManager Import layout

With RedShop DataManager (RDM) you can import data with CSV files.

You can find here sample CSV file

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Read more: RDM import layout

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